Dear Guests

The Craftbier Keller, located in the old town of Bülach, finally opened its doors.


Times they are a-changing in Switzerland and simple consumption of beer morphed into a cultural activity with a myriad of tastes that want to be satisfied.

Beer is no longer only beer.


So commence your descent down our winding steps and let’s engage in the adventure that is beer.


By now it should be obvious that we offer far more than the usual ‘Stange’ or ‘Grosses’ ( half Pint or Pint for the british punter) Try a Zwickel or Pils, indulge in an Amber or Märzen.

Savor our hoppy beers like Pale Ales and IPA’s. Go crazy with a fruity beer. Are you more the malty-type? We’ve got you covered with Stout and Porter.


The opportunities are endless.


ENot in the mood for beer today? No problem. The Carftbier Keller offers a fine assortment of wines, spirits and alcohol-free drinks for the non-beer aficionados amongst us.


Our aim is to offer you a broad selection of beers. To enrich said selection continuously with beers from microbreweries from Switzerland and all around the world.


So take your sweet time choosing the perfect beer for you. Treat  your taste buds to a feast and experience what the master brewers crafted with blood sweat and tears.


On that note we wish you lots of joyousness


Your Craftbier-Team

That’s how beer ought to taste


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